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Recruiters On Demand

Add or remove recruiters as per your hiring needs and demands. Pause the service when you need to and switch it back on when hiring ramps up.

Contract / Temporary Staffing

CyitechSearch provides temporary staffing services to resolve headcount issues and minimize administrative overheads by taking care of statutory obligations and employee management services. Cyitechsearch clients that require additional help to cover increases in workload find contract placement an excellent alternative to expanding their internal staff. Cyitechsearch provides qualified and screened employees for the client to choose from. During the term of employment, the selected employee will receive all the fringe benefits normally received by an internal employee.

Executive Search

Our Executive Recruitment Division, partners with Client Organizations across Industries, as their extended HR arm, in supporting and managing their talent needs at Middle and Senior Levels. Through quality of transactions and our extensive process of validation with both-Clients and Candidates, we have been able to address the need for good talent with desired blend of competencies, culture fit and stability.

• Digital Hiring

Recruiting and retaining employees is a major concern for most of the employers these days. Digital recruitment can make the overall process of recruiting much easier.

• Permanent Hiring

Permanent recruitment is pivotal, both in the success and growth of an organization as well as a candidate. It involves an in-depth search process for a candidate who will be hired directly by the employer on a long-term basis. Cyitechsearch undertakes permanent recruitment assignments for all functional areas. It is a premier provider of permanent recruitment services with decades of experience and through the continual development of its recruitment services .

• Cyitechsearch employs one of the most rigorous candidate screening processes in the staffing industry. This process ensures the hiring of the highest quality people.
• Our clients receive intelligent, skilled and reliable candidates resulting in higher productivity and a higher rate of retention.

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